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One of the major shifts in how we communicate, network, stay in touch in one form or another has been social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, SnapChat, Whats App, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Mention, addvocate, Sway, Grabber and many more.
As we communicate and share more through these networks, and believe me each of them wants you to spend more and more of your time with them, there are pitfalls that you and companies need to be wary of. It’s not just fraud and impersonation, but phishing, malware, and viruses as well.
Joining us on PowerTalk to discuss this is Foster, the CEO of ZeroFox. I can tell you that I was re-thinking my use of social media after talking to Foster – wait until you hear what he and his team have shared with their clients. Once you do, you’ll quickly get why ZeroFox is growing and growing quickly.
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