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Every so often there are key words and phrases that get big play around the media and before you know it they are in use almost everywhere. Irrational exuberance, outside the box, deliverables, skill set, metric, multitasking, bandwidth, selfie, spyware and a more than a few others.

I’m sure over the last few years, you’ve heard those words and phrases time and time again… so much so that the meaning behind those words became dulled if not lost. 

There’s another term that has been gaining in popularity over the last year or so and believe you me, it is one that will impact your very life — big data. 

I know you’ve heard those two words before — big data —  term before and it’s been used by companies like Cisco (CSCO), Facebook (FB), Google (GOOG), Oracle (ORCL), IBM (IBM) and others. In this age where more and more things are connected, monitored and captured, what is big data? How is it used? What does it mean for business and for the consumer? How will it change things?

These are the questions we need to understand and joining me today on PowerTalk to sort through all of it is Arnab Gupta, Founder and CEO of Opera Solutions. As Arnab points out, it’s not just you and me that are just figuring out what big data is, companies are in the same boat - they know they need to spend on it and they are, but how do they get value from it? How do companies use it to make better decisions, work more productively, and take better actions? How does a company go from spending on big data to making it a competitive advantage for their business?

Arnab and I not only discuss all of this, but he shares how he thinks big data will force companies like Oracle, IBM SAP and others to expand and change their capabilities lest they risk becoming the next Kodak. 

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