Limiting Your Freedom For Guilty Pleasures with Michelle Minton, Competitive Enterprise Institute Fellow
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Joining us today on PowerTalk is Michelle Minton, a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. I’m especially excited to talk with Michelle about her area of focus -- alcohol regulation, food and beverage regulation, Internet gambling and so on. Some call these sin stocks, but I call them Guilty Pleasures and they are a staple of my investment mosaic.

As Michelle points out, however, there are efforts afoot to curb one’s ability to buy an energy drinks, ban Big Gulps and even overturn state regulated internet gambling even though demand for these and other guilty pleasures runs high. Michelle pulls back the curtain on these campaigns, showing us what and who are behind this efforts to shape behavior and limit your choices.  Michelle doesn’t pull any punches and takes us behind the scenes and in the know, just the way I like it.


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