Jeff Zwelling of Convertro and measuring the effectiveness of multi-media advertising

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It used to be that advertising was in the newspaper, on the radio and of course on television. These days even though TV remains the Mack daddy of advertising, instead of seeing ads all over radio, magazines and newspapers, we’re finding them on the screens of your smartphone and tablet.

All sorts of companies are vying to get a hold of your eyeballs – car companies, financials companies, credit card companies, food companies, …you name it. That’s led Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and companies like Millennial Media and The Rubicon Project, and others to build businesses around helping companies reach consumers. 

But is it working? That’s the big question – are these companies seeing a return on their advertising investment or not?

Joining me on PowerTalk to discuss this and more is Jeff Zwelling, CEO and Co-founder of Convertro, a company that includes Intuit, Comcast, Digitas and many many others as customers. PowerTalks are always insightful and Jeff does a great job of cutting to the heart of things, but what caught my ear was which company’s platform is doing huge business for direct marketing companies.


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