Fellow Investor,
This week I’m talking with Greg Martin from General Motors. Greg’s an Executive Director of Communications Strategy and News Operations as well as an easy person to talk to. He reminds us that while the auto industry may appear simple, there are many layers to it from manufacturing the cars, competing with Ford, Chrysler and others to dealing with car dealerships and the end consumer. 
Over the next while, we talk about those things as well as the rebound in auto demand, the auto bailout and issues that caused the company to be called Government Motors; how the company has remade itself over the last few years and what lies ahead given a significant portfolio overhaul and several new technologies. 
In some ways, it’s a nice follow up to my talk with Gary Shapiro of the Cosumer Electronics Associatin because Greg confirmed that auto and consumer electronics will be a big deal at the upcoming consumer electronics show. He even mentioned that GM is working with Apple (AAPL) and its Siri voice interface.
It’s a insight ful talk and Greg Martin was a pleasure to talk with. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk again in several months to follow up on GM product. revamp and a number of other things.
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