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Over the last year we’ve heard a lot of disturbing news about the growing pervasiveness of cyber attacks. While I’m sure you’ve heard of the incident at Target several months ago I can assure you that was far from the only attack and we can expect to hear much more about these kinds of attacks in the coming months and years.


It’s pain points like that one that make for a great business and we’ve seen cyber security stocks like KEYW Holding, FireEye, Palto Alto Networks and others pop as a result of the expected jump in demand. Not all companies are created equally and sometimes there can be a discrepancy in between the image and the product or service.


As a recent NSS report on showed, that’s what we have when it comes to Cisco’s cyber security business. I won’t spoil the details, but it’s safe to say you will want to hear what Jason Brvenik, Principal Engineer of the Security Business Group at Cisco Systems has to say about the growing threat of Cyber attacks and what this NSS report turned up. It’s not what you’re probably expecting.

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