Job Creation and Obama Policy Disconnect with Liz Peek

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Once again we were presented with another Employment Report that is trying to tell us the economy and the jobs picture is getting better. You might think that if you simply relied on the headline, but if you did that you would miss what’s really going on.


Joining us on PowerTalk this week to cut through all the nonsense and us behind the scenes and in the know on this topic is Liz Peek, a columnist at for FoxNews.com and TheFiscalTimes. With more than 20 years on Wall Street most of them as top ranked research analyst, Liz knows what she’s doing when it comes to digging deep into data and making sense of the numbers.


And dig into it she does! Liz also ties together how the Obama administration is saying one thing about wanting to create jobs, but when you look at the administration’s policy efforts… that’s something different entirely.

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