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Joining us this week is Bob Picciano, Senior Vice President of IBM’s Information and Analytics Group and we hit the ground running talking about Big Data. While many still think of IBM as a PC and cash register company, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
As you’ll learn IBM has been transforming itself into a Big Data and Analytics powerhouse over the last few years and that investment is paying off. The combination of more than $24 billion invested to date to build IBM’s Bid Data capabilities through a combination of R&D initiatives and more than 30 acquisitions has led to better than 40,000 service engagements for IBM. 
The growth in Big Data recently led to IBM upsizing its 2015 revenue target to $20 billion. The original target was $16 billion, but IBM hit that in 2013. That should give you an idea of how fast Big Data is growing and how IBM is performing. 
If that’s not enough, what until you hear what Bob has to say…
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