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I recently spoke with Bahram Yusefzadeh, Chairman and CEO of Red Lambda, and William Ronca, EVP - Global Sales, Marketing and Business Development at Red Lambda, about the use of Big Data and Cyber Security. In information technology lingo, big data is a loosely-defined term used to describe data sets so large and complex that they become awkward to work with using on-hand database management tools. Difficulties include capture, storage, search, sharing, analysis, and visualization

Yet Red Lambda has harnessed the power of big data to move Cyber Security from being reactive to being proactive. As I say, you react with a good defense, but to be secure you have to be proactive and Red Lambda is using that to differentiate its solutions from others including Sourcefire (FIRE), Symantec (SYMC),  Fortinet (FTNT) and others. With cyber attacks hitting institutions of all sizes - from Google (GOOG) to Northrop Grumman (NOC) the stakes are high as we increasingly move into the digital world and migrate more of our data into the cloud be it with Apple (AAPL), Google, Amazon.com (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT) or others.  

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